JAMS is the largest private alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider in the world.  JAMS mediators and arbitrators successfully resolve cases ranging in size, industry and complexity, typically achieving results more efficiently and cost effectively than through litigation.  JAMS neutrals are skilled in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes including mediation, arbitration, special master, discovery referee, project neutral, and dispute review board work. Visit www.jamsadr.com for more information


Veritext is the global leader in legal litigation and deposition solutions. As your single source provider, Veritext will arrange for any deposition service you need – court reporting, videographer, interpreter or conference room – you name it. Our goal is to simplify your workday – we’ll focus on your deposition services, so you can focus on practicing law, winning cases and satisfying your clients. Veritext’s national scale enables us to provide you with consistent and reliable delivery anytime and anywhere – where around the corner or across the country.

With advanced litigation technology ranging from remote deposition capability to exhibit presentation solutions, Veritext will help you streamline the deposition process. HIPAA and PII compliant, you can rest assured that your clients personal, financial and medical information is protected and secure. To learn more, go to www.veritext.com